Saul's Generation Foundation

Death called me several times in my life. But I said NO. And I will be saying NO as long as I have my vital strengths. And I have really a lot of them. I said to Death that as long as I’m alive I will live my life fully, I will inspire other people to share peace and wisdom around the world. And this is how I live for years. I’ve built music bands which join strength of youth and experience of seniors. I’ve traveled around the world to promote heritage of history. All of that have brought me to launch a Foundation. A Foundation with my name in the badge to honor the past, build bridge between nations and generations, care about mental health and celebrate life.

Foundation was created with a good friend of mine, Justyna. She works with me for years, she’s young, energetic. Our relation is like our foundation, it is a bridge between generations full of common care, support and friendship. This is what we want to share with world by the Saul’s Generation Foundation.

Objectives of Saul's Generation Foundation

About Foundation

The Foundations operates in accordance with Polish law, in particular the Act on Foundations of April 6th, 1984 (as amended) and the Statute of the Foundations.

The Foundation shall operate on the territory of the Republic of Poland. The Foundation may conduct its statutory operation outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.

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