Holocaust Survivor Band

In 2014 I read an article about the women who was a pianist. She passed away when she was 108 years old and she was a Holocaust Survivor. In her memory I decided to put together a HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR BAND  consisting of Holocaust Survivors. I woke up my wife and told her that I would like to put Holocaust Survivor Band. She said:  “what you need it for, you are crazy”. Next, I went to my spiritual leader and I told the same story, he said: “Saul you retired almost 15 years, what you need it for, you crazy”. I didn’t listen nobody I went to music store and I bought a new set of drums. I putted to my car and I drove home. I come to my home and my wife asked me where war you? I went shopping. By the way I bought you the present, you have to go with me to the car I will show you. When I opened the car, she saw the brand-new set of drums. She said: “Either you go other drums go”. I convinced her to keep the drums. Eventually I rented a room in temple and I advertise for a free concert. For free everybody shows up and my wife too. She was sitting in the front row. After 1,5 hours we finished the concert and we got a  standing ovation, we were a six musician with a lady singer. My wife calls me to her sit and she said: “now I know you are a celebrity”. The sky open to whole orchestra. After that we were invited to play around the world: to Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Miami, Detroit, Reading Pennsylvania, Hamilton Canada, Cleveland, Ostin Texas, Warsaw Poland, Auschwitz, Berlin Germany, Israel, Brazil.