Honored Saul Dreier Holocaust Survivor

Never Again!
Wall of Cry
Saul Dreier
My concentration camp number

One evening I decided to create a logo and I started to draw with pencil and paper, a hand with five fingers.  I started to think what I can do?

I like this idea and I turned it in as a pin. 

Saul Dreier Hands of Peace

I was giving like souvenirs. This was manufacture in China. Eventually a friend of mine recommended me a jeweller and we change it to four hands and twenty fingers – jewellery with a pin to attached to chain. He made me one simple of gold and one simple of silver. We decided to write instead of the fingers we write on the hands, except on the other side of the hand we wrote Saul Dreier Founder & remember. Finally, we a part with the jeweller and I redesign the hand so the bail for the chain is on the tap. Looks like a frame, this is a final product of silver jewellery.

We are selling this like a memory to honour 6 000 000 Jewish people who were killed during the Second World War. 

Hands Of Peace